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Some pieces of Messenger Plus!'s history are recorded here.

The most popular and respected Windows Live™ Messenger extension, Messenger Plus! has been downloaded by tens of millions of users worldwide, letting users get more from their Instant Messenger experience including plugins, skins, scripts, sounds, emoticons, and more. Messenger Plus! users benefit from tons of exciting features of this freeware that has been enhancing Windows Live™ Messenger since 2001.

Originally created and founded by Cyril Paciullo, also known as Patchou, the Messenger Plus! brand is currently owned by Yuna Software, a private company. Yuna has a dedicated and talented developer team collaborating around the world, including the Kimahri subdivision in Montreal. Yuna Software also develops the Messenger Plus! satellite sites: Plus! Network, Plus! Image, Plus! Games and Plus! Sports and the Messenger Plus! toolbars.

Messenger Plus! would not be where it is today without our community crew of hard working and devoted volunteers, some whom have literally grown up with the Messenger Plus community! The company owes a big thank you to the men and women behind the scenes who do just about everything from testing the website and software, answering support questions, moderating the forum, solving problems, criticizing and complementing and simply giving more to Messenger Plus!

Messenger Plus! became a market.com brand in July, 2011. Market.com brings together the best in ecommerce, epayments and emarketing solutions, providing all the needed services for a successful ebusiness. For more information, visit www.market.com

Developer Team.

A dedicated and talented team collaborating around the world.

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