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I am a developer, how can I create my own plugins?

Here, users will find the information that they need to create plugin for Messenger Plus!.

Create a Plugin

Plugins allow developers to painlessly add their own features to Windows Messenger and lets users benefit from an extensive list of additional options for their Messenger client. If you're a developer, the first thing you should do is check out the documentation. If you're a normal Messenger user, simply browse the database for a plugin that may interest you.

Share it with the world

We love to see your new creations and we will gladly review every plugin you submit to us. If approved, your plugin will be put on this site so that over 62 million of Messenger Plus! users can enjoy it as well. Before you send us your plugin you need to know a few basic things.

How to submit a plugin?

Official Scripting Documentation

The official scripting documentation is written by Patchou, it can be downloaded here. A single download with everything you need to know about the Messenger Plus! Scripting System. All the documentation is contained into a single CHM file which can be viewed without the need of any additional software in Windows XP. Note also that the documentation can be downloaded and viewed automatically from the Script Editor window of Messenger Plus!. More information can also be found on the forum or various external web sites such as

Testing your Windows with the MP! Interface Tester

Complex windows created with XML data can quickly become difficult to visualize and testing your windows in Messenger itself can sometimes cause additional complications and unnecessary delays. For those reasons, a special tool called "Interface Tester" is provided with the scripting API to help developers preview their creations quickly and without hassle.

The software can be downloaded and run from any directory and Messenger Plus! needs to be properly installed on the system (Messenger does not need to run). "Interface Tester" will be able to preview any file that is located in a sub-directory of the Messenger Plus!'s "Scripts" directory or in the "Interface" directory (for those interested in skinning Messenger Plus! itself).

In addition to displaying your windows on screen, "Interface Tester" is also capable of validating your XML files if the schema file is copied in the same directory and if MSXML 5.0 or above is installed on your system (you can get MSXML at It is highly recommended that you do not redistribute any file that does not validate against the most current version of the Interface Windows' Schema File. If a file is considered to be invalid, "Interface Tester" will refuse to load it and will display an error message explaining the problem.

Download "Messenger Plus! - Interface Tester"

Note that this software is provided as-is as a development tool only. It is not meant for general public use and must not be redistributed without direct authorization.