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Open Live v1.5.0

Written by Will "Willz" Ingles @ 05/05/08



Skinning Windows Live Messenger has never been an easy task. Most people struggle to understand what is going on when you make and skin and do not know where to start. Open Live is a project created by master skinner Will "Willz" Ingles to try and help those new skinners out and to give experienced skinners something to save them a bit of time.

Open Live is a special version of Windows Live Messenger 8.5 that has been edited to make a skinners life a lot easier. The key features of open live are as follows:

  • No MSNRLE images, all images are normal png, jpg, bmp, ico and gif.
  • Easy one line edits for things such as text colors and spacing of buttons.
  • All images are named and labeled to show what they do and are also in organized folders
  • Comes with guide images and source images for animations and those tricky images
  • Comes with pre-made and pre-translated options and about windows.


Open Live will be sure to make the skinning process a much quicker task than what it is now.


This skin is not intended for commercial use since it is based upon Microsoft's design and contains mostly their resources. Although this skin is free to edit and redistribute, the only this I ask for in return is that you leave the small credit that gives thanks to the translation team and the "based on open live" line in the about window.

Thanks for the support!

For Windows Live Messenger 8.5 ONLY. Requires Messenger Plus! Live 4.60 to use.

Skin options panel available in (future updates may add support for more languages):

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Dutch.


Open Live Preview

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