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Friend Tracker  1.0

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New Functions


Last update: 2/12/2010 7:38:21 PM


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Tolga Kaan Kanatli With the Friend Tracker you can get warnings about people you chose.
To start, select Friend Tracker>Edit contacts from the script menu. You can add/remove contacts from the list on this window by using buttons on the right of the list.

>>When the person at the top of the list signs in, an alarm will ring for 5 seconds; when another person from this list signs in , the alarm will ring only for 2 seconds.

>>If you set your status to "Away", an alarm with a different sound will ring. If the message you received is from someone from your contact list it will ring for 5 seconds, if not, it will ring only for 2 seconds.

>>When you open the script menu from a chat window, you will have two choices: "Warn me at the next message taken from this window" and "Warn me at the next message taken from ANY WINDOW".

>>If you click the little notification window on the right corner when an alarm is ringing, a chat window will open between you and the related contact. If you don't click, the alarm will stop ringing in 2 or 5 seconds.

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