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Advanced Dice Roller  1.1

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Kashev Alexander aka Xan ADR is a Messenger Plus! Live script for performing virtual dice rolls following d20 "formulae" (like 1d6, 2d10+4 or even more complex) from within the chat window, either submitting the results to the chat or showing them secretly via "toast" popup.

Usage in a nutshell:
"/roll <formula>" for rolling, evaluation and printing results in chat window
"/sroll <formula>" for the same except for showing results privately in a popup.

<formula> is a mathematical expression using 4 basic math operations, brackets, whole numbers and die rolls in d20 syntax, e.g. 3d6 or 1d%.
Examples: 1d6, 2d4, 1d20+2, 3*(5d10-25)-3, ((1d2*3d6-1)-2d4)*(7d8), or whatever your needs or fantasy can construct.

For further instructions and contact/feedback info see the html manual included in the plugin directory or available online at

1.1 - Bugfix: erroneously rejected formulas that contained "0d" as substring, while ex. "10d6" should be possible.

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