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Twit2MSN  1.4

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Nickname and PSM


Last update: 9/11/2009 9:26:47 PM


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Matt Dyson Twit2MSN combines Twitter and MSN, by constantly keeping your current Twitter status in sync with your MSN Personal Message. This version also allows you to customise how your tweets are displayed in your personal message - including options for including the time you tweeted, and where you tweeted from!

When you first load up this script, you will be given the option to enable or disable tweet synchronisation for the current logged in MSN user - you can change this setting later in the script menu. Once enabled, you will be shown the settings screen, and then you will be all set up!

Please visit my website to see the future updates that are planned and to have your say on what you want to see! The next major update to this script will hopefully be landing around Christmas time, with full OAuth support for Twitter, allowing you to send tweets from directly within Messenger without any security concerns! Check out the project page for even more sneak previews of features coming soon.

New in this version:
- Disable/Enable for individual WLM users
- New UI window for first time use

Updates in this version:
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Please visit the project page at to file any bug reports or suggestions - I love to hear your ideas about what you want to see in future versions! You can also message me on Twitter (@Twit2MSN) by selecting the 'Contact the developer' link in the options menu.

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