Messenger Plus! For MSN Messenger has been discontinued.

Thank you for your support over the years.

Please try Messenger Plus! For Skype.

Video and Audio Effects

Make the most of your Messenger calls with special built-in video and sound effects that put more fun into your calls in real-time. Preview and set the video/sound effects before applying them to your call from within the effects preview panel.

Animations (Winks)

Add to your char expressions arsenal and enrich your char experience with this fun feature. Send animations (winks) to your friends, family and co-workers. Preview the animations before sending them to your contacts from within the winks panel.

Skin Your Messenger

Create your own basic skin from scratch or completely change the look of your Messenger 2009-2012 Windows with our large easy-to-install skins database.


Plugins permit developers to painlessly add their own features to Windows Live Messenger and benefit from an extensive list of additional options for their Messenger client. If you're a developer check out the Plugins documentation or if you're just a regular Messenger user simply browse the online section for plugins that may interest you.

Chat Log Viewer

View Windows Live Messenger chat log sessions as stored on disk, sort by date or contact name. Use the advanced chat log filtering to quickly retrieve prior char conversations.


Overlays are decorative images that come in several patterns that can be added to your video calls in real-time. Pick one from our built-in designs or simply assign a folder with custom images on your local disk. Determine its on-screen positioning and add text to it or whether you want it to fit the screen or not.

Account Polygamy (Multiple Accounts)

Just check a box in Messenger Plus! preferences and you'll be up and running for simultaneous signing into more than one Messenger Plus! account. There's no need to patch any file or use other clients any longer!

Plus your regular dose of features!

Messenger Plus! is the one essential add-on for Windows Live Messenger, period. Installed more than 500 million times since 2001, when it started as a simple add-on for MSN Messenger 3, Messenger Plus! is guaranteed to improve your Messenger experience by leaps and bounds. You won't just get a couple of new options, what you'll get is a whole new dimension for the Windows Live Messenger software.

Yet, simple and easy to use (and customize)

Thought out end-to-end to improve and enhance your instant messaging experience without getting in your way, Messenger Plus! adds lots of capabilities to Windows Live Messenger. The new features can be accessed to easily from the various Plus! menus and buttons you'll find added to all the main Messenger windows. Here is a short list of some of the features most people enjoy in the software:
Quick Texts
Messenger Plus! World
Messenger Lock
Contacts On Desktop
Event and Log Viewer
Contact Cleanup
Chat Assistant
Easy Skin Editor
Skin Editor
Personalized Status
Custom Sounds