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Messenger Plus! (for Skype) 1.8:
New build (125)

The latest build for Messenger Plus! (for Skype) is available for download on the website. This build introduces the Messenger Plus! (for Skype) in Italian, offered as one of its ten available languages. Build 125 also corrects an issue we had with the video camera.

Download Messenger Plus! (for Skype) 1.8 at:
Yuna Software, the company that develops and designs Messenger Plus! announced the release of its latest version of its application for Skype. Version 1.8 complements the Skype-Messenger merger, initiated by Microsoft, with improved communication between the two platforms.

Version 1.8 highlights:

- Custom Sounds
- Enhanced Interface
- Let WLM contacts join Plus! (for Skype)


We are pleased to introduce our new installer for Messenger Plus! which is available when you download the software here on our website.It features an improved user interface that clearly guides you through the installation process with numbered screens, tooltips and transparent text and graphic explanations so that you know what is happening at each stage of the process.

Online logs – Discontinuation of Service in Messenger Plus! for Windows Live Messenger

Further to our announcement of August 19, 2012,Yuna Software has discontinued its storage of online chat logs for Messenger Plus! for Windows Live™ Messenger.

Users who have not used their chat logs online during the last six months are no longer be able to access these logs. Users who have accessed their online chat logs in the last six months are able to read their chat logs but not create new logs online.

Messenger Plus! (for Skype) 1.5 new build (121) released

Enriches collection of flash animation with 22 new winks

We released a new build of Messenger Plus! (for Skype) 1.5. Build 121 features 22 more flash animations (winks) that you can send to liven up your conversations with your contacts.

You can download the latest version at

Yuna Software continues to bring the best of Messenger Plus! for Windows Live Messenger to Skype

In response to Skype’s recent announcement indicating that Skype and Windows Live Messenger will be merged, Yuna Software has announced that it plans to continue to leverage its years of experience in the Instant Messaging arena and bring the best of the Messenger Plus! for Windows Live Messenger experience to Skype.

Yuna Software continues to design, develop, market and support the Messenger Plus! brand, enhancing the voice, video and text conversation experience to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Messenger Plus! (for Skype) supports Windows 8

We have a new build of Messenger Plus! (for Skype) available here on our website. It supports Windows 8 as well as the latest version of Skype (6)

We strongly recommend getting the latest version, either by downloading at or upgrading via the Preferences & Options/Updates section of the Messenger Plus! (for Skype) toolbar.


Yuna Software releases Messenger Plus! 6

Features full compatibility with Windows Live™ Messenger 2012

Yuna Software announced today the release of Messenger Plus! 6 for Windows Live Messenger. The latest version offers full compatibility with Windows Live™ Messenger (WLM) 2012 as well as backward compatibility with Windows Live Messenger 2011.

Messenger Plus! announces support for Windows Live™ Messenger 2012

Yuna Software has released a new version of Messenger Plus! 5.5 which supports Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger (WLM) 2012.

You can download the software at:

Online logs: Discontinuation of service

By the end of November, Yuna Software will discontinue support for chat logs online for Messenger Plus! for Windows Live Messenger. We are developing a function so that you can download your chat log history.

Although you can still save your chat logs online in the meantime, we strongly recommend that you start saving your chat logs locally.

Please keep your eye on posts in the forum for further information regarding this issue

Yuna Software unveils Messenger Plus! for Windows Live Messenger, Version 5.5

Messenger users enjoy Video Transformation Effects and Image Overlays

Yuna Software announced today the release of Messenger Plus! 5.5 for Windows Live Messenger. The latest version of this popular extension for Windows Live Messenger 2011 and 2009 brings video transformation effects and image overlays similar to those featured in its Messenger Plus! for Skype software.

Messenger Plus! (for Skype) 1.5 brings live streaming to Skype

Let users stream movies and animations to all Skype enabled devices

Messenger Plus! has released the milestone version of its Skype application. Highlights of Version 1.5 include the ability to stream movies and overlay images in video conversations viewable on all Skype-enabled devices including mobile phones and tablets.

"Messenger Plus! continues to enhance Skype with advanced technology," says Alex Shamash, Business Director, Yuna Software. "What started with just a few features a few months ago has quickly developed into a powerful product that brings both business and entertainment benefits to the Skype community.”

Messenger Plus! (for Skype) 1.2 takes the next step in revolutionizing Skype

Second release of Messenger Plus! (for Skype) features video and voice transformation effects; ringtones

Messenger Plus!, has released Messenger Plus! (for Skype) 1.2, the second version of this new product from the makers of the most popular and respected extension for Windows Live Messenger. The premier version of Messenger Plus! (for Skype), 1.0 reached more than one million downloads in less than a month. Whereas the first version of Messenger Plus! (for Skype) introduced free animations and recording of video and voice calls, the latest version adds special video display effects, voice changer, translations of the software into several languages and more.

Skype adds Messenger Plus! to its App Store

We're live on Skype!

Skype has added Messenger Plus! (for Skype) to its App Store directory:

Visitors to the App Store on Skype will now be able to request download of the premier version of Messenger Plus! (for Skype) from the official Skype website.
February 28, 2012

Messenger Plus! (for Skype) surpasses one million installations in less than a month

Since releasing Messenger Plus! (for Skype), we have reached more than one million installations in less than a month.

Yuna Software releases the latest version of Messenger Plus! for Windows Live™ Messenger, Version 5.11

Brand new collection of flash animations (winks)

The latest version of Messenger Plus! for Windows Live Messenger, V. 5.11 features a brand new collection of video flash animations (winks) to send to your contacts, Portuguese version of the software has been localized for our vast user base in Brazil, so you can choose between both Portuguese flavors.

Minor improvements and fixes have also been undertaken.   

Yuna Software introduces Messenger Plus! (for Skype)
New product enhances Skype with video recording and winks

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA, January 24, 2012 – Yuna Software, the company that develops, designs and markets Messenger Plus!, today announced the addition of a new product to its portfolio: Messenger Plus! (for Skype).

Season's Greetings from Messenger Plus!
Hi everyone. We're pleased to tell you that the MyPlus! maintenance is complete and the MyPlus! page has been upgraded to give you a personal touch. You can now customize the way your page look and select the Messenger Plus! content of your choice. When you log in to your MyPlus! page, you can pick the following widgets to be displayed wherever you want on your page:
On November 22, 2011, we’ll be performing a scheduled maintenance task on the online servers of the MyPlus! Log service of Messenger Plus!.
New roll-out lets users create and edit their own Windows Live Messenger 2011 skins without needing expertise.
The online merchandising store for Messenger Plus! is back in business. You can visit the store straight from the Messenger Plus! website or within the Zazzle online megastore
Messenger Plus! Facebook community exceeds 19,000

Our Facebook community on the official Messenger Plus page has exceeded 19,000 likes and the number of active users is growing. You are welcome to visit, contribute, direct them to the appropriate thread on the forum here, or comment and post on the wall. 

If you're a first time visitor to the page, you're welcome to click on the Like button and tell your Facebook friends about it.

Messenger Plus! 5.02 | 6/2/2011

In this new update, we introduce Plus! World. A small software meant to keep you updated on new skins, plugins and everything that gravitate around the Messenger world of Plus! (hey, we are not at the center of the universe, but we can always dream ;-). The folks at Yuna are also offering a new toolbar. This toolbar that makes Plus! free, will offer more Plus! content and is more customizable.

New YouTube clip!  | 5/24/2011
Check out the latest promotional Messenger Plus! clip on YouTube:
Discover Messenger Plus! - The Messenger Extension.

We so excited, gotta hand out prizes. Partyin', partyin', yeah!

It's that time of the year again – Messenger Plus' birthday. But this year, it's a really special anniversary – Messenger Plus! is ten years old. Here are at least ten activities that we are planning as part of this celebration. We'll give you more details on each item once it is launched.

The 2011 skinning contest has come to an end. The submissions are currently being judged to elect the winners.
I'm delighted to inform you that My Plus! Services are now open after performing all the required maintenance operations. Our team has done its best to reduce the maintenance time from 27 to 3 hours only.

Our team highly appreciates your comprehension.
Start being creative. Design a Messenger Plus! skin and win one of several prizes. The 2011 skinning contest runs from 27 March to 15 May.
Messenger Plus! 5.01 | 3/7/2011

This update is meant as a maintenance patch, addressing a couple of crashes which have been reported during the weeks following the public release of Messenger Plus! 5, as well as various other annoyances, big or small.

The skinning contest is back.

This time we are specifically looking for Messenger 2011-compatible skins. This post is an introduction to the 2011 Messenger Plus! Skinning Contest.

It is cross-posted on the Messenger Plus! Community forum here:

Now fully compatible with Windows Live™ Messenger 2011

Yuna Software has announced the general release of Messenger Plus! 5, the fifth major release of the Messenger Plus! software, the most popular and respected Windows Live™ Messenger extension. Plus! 5 now provides full compatibility both with Windows Live™ Messenger (WLM) 2011 and WLM 2009.

Messenger Plus! has released the beta version of Plus! 5, the fifth major version of the popular Messenger Plus!

General release anticipated at the end of January, 2011

Messenger Plus! Live recently introduced three new applications which millions of users have added to their toolbars.

New release will be fully compatible with Windows Live™ Messenger 2011

Messenger Plus! Live is approaching the release of Plus! 5.

After launching its news sports site, Plus! Sports, last month, Messenger Plus! Live recently featured a World Cup App which was also available at the Application Marketplace.

We’re pleased to introduce you to Plus! Sports, a new soccer website brought to you for Messenger Plus! Live fans. This sports portal keeps you posted on global soccer news, including:

Yes, Messenger Plus! Live is officially nine years old today.  Day after day, millions of people around the world are using Messenger Plus!

An update for Messenger Plus! Live has just been released.

A while ago, I promised some pictures to illustrate our new work environment, here are some (it’s not much but I’ll take more when we’ve cleaned-up).

Hello everyone.

Most of you know about Plus! Games, Yuna’s new website.

This site  has been live for approximately three months, and is a work in progress.

Hello again from Nathalie. In Canada, we grew up with the expression that if March comes in like a lion, it goes out with a lamb and vice versa.  My initial announcement here last week, which was at the beginning of  March, did seem to bring in a roar of lions and I hope that March will end tamer, more like lambs. 
First of all, I wanted to clarify a few things, although I understand that you feel very disappointed and apprehensive about the recent changes here. I really hope that in time you will feel differently. 

Hello again from Yuna Software. My name is Natalie, and I have both good news and sad news.  The sad news, unfortunately, is that Vanessa had to leave us for personal (health) reasons.

If 2009 was a year of changes, it seems that 2010 started as a year of disbelief. In the last 2 months, I’ve read many posts, many blog entries, many comments and many emails regarding Yuna Software. Since the change of control happened, most of you in the Messenger Plus! community groups, wondered about what was happening.

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