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Willz - 4 - The Windows Live Messenger Resource Bible

Written by Will "Willz" Ingles

A lot of people get lost in the ocean of Windows Live Messenger resources. Plus has simplified the search for resource numbers a lot compared to the old methods used in the old days of skinning. But that feature only goes as far as categorising images as they appear in UIfiles. There are a lot of resources that aren't even referenced in UIFiles and still get used in messenger. Things can get really confusing when you are dealing with Multi-layered RLE's and 4006 group counterparts, but lucky for you that you have your old friend Willz on the job hey?

The following is a guide on every single resource known to Windows Live Messenger 8.5.

For those wondering if Windows Live Messenger 9.0 beta uses this list, the answer is no. Windows Live Messenger 9.0 has different numbers so not all these will match. Why don't I bother with 9.0? Simply because the numbers will change a lot during the progress of the beta and I don't want to have to keep changing it. While the majority of resource numbers will be the same, there will be differences in some UIFile numbers and resource numbers.

We will do this UIFile by UIFile and then cover the resources that aren't referenced as well as what "msgvsta" resources do at the end.