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44104 - More Group Templates

Written by Will "Willz" Ingles






MSNRLE Multi-Layer

Buddy image shown next to nickname.


These buddy's are used throughout WLM

Plus converts this to multi-png. You must use custom code and 8 separate images to make this work.

Please note that editing BLANK states will cause errors.

ContentIndex 0= Online

ContentIndex 1= Offline

ContentIndex 2= Busy /Phone

ContentIndex 3= Away/brb etc

ContentIndex 4= Online

ContentIndex 5= Mobile

ContentIndex 6= BLANK

ContentIndex 7= BLANK

ContentIndex 8= BLANK

ContentIndex 9= BLANK

ContentIndex 10= Contacts

ContentIndex 11= Online Block

ContentIndex 12= Offline Block

ContentIndex 13= BLANK

ContentIndex 14= BLANK

ContentIndex 15= BLANK

ContentIndex 16= BLANK

ContentIndex 17= BLANK

ContentIndex 18= Online

ContentIndex 19= BLANK

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